Maternity sessions are a great way to celebrate your newest love that is on the way.  My goal is to make you feel great about how you look.  Some fun ideas for props can be ultra sound photos, baby shoes, baby hats, children's books, name signs etc.  We can also discuss the props I have when we set up the session.  Wear an outfit you feel best in that will show off that bump!  If you are photographing with a partner make sure you are in a lighter or darker color than theirs for nice profile shots. 



Newborn sessions are a special time to capture those first moments and tiny features.  Know that these will include lots of feeding and rocking your newborn and that is 100% fine!  These are best done within the first 10 days of life.  We will discuss timing prior to the shoot and it's always best to have a full baby who's relaxed and "milk drunk".  If they decide they want to be awake for the session we will get beautiful photos of their awake personality so Mom's don’t stress!  When booking we will discuss if you are looking for more of a portrait (posed) session or a lifestyle (candid and interactive) session in your home.  We can always work to accommodate both, it's best for me to know what your goal is before the shoot.  Feel free to bring a selection of outfit options and any token item/blanket you'd like in the photos.  Most important is to stay relaxed and enjoy the day, we will take our time so it is not a stressful process.

First Year:

These are a great way to remember your baby's individual personality and milestones in their first year.  We can enjoy tummy time with your 3 month old, celebrate your 6 month old sitting up,  your 9 month old on the move, or get that first cake smash experience at 12 months!  Bring a favorite toy to put your baby at ease and happy. Make sure it's one you won't mind if it makes it into the photos.  Little snacks are always helpful!  Be ready to join me in jumping around, singing songs, clapping and making noises to get that personality to shine!  That being said, don't worry if your baby doesn't come out with bright smiles out of the gate, some of the best photos are of the yawns, tears, and scowls!


Senior photos are a special time to commemorate one chapter and get ready for the next adventure.  This is time to show your personality so bring a few outfits or items that best represent you!  Prepare for a fun session and don't be shy, I want to show off who you are! 


You will never regret capturing this moment in time with your whole family.  Come ready to interact and have fun.  I will take a mix of posed and candid photos to capture the whole family experience.  If you have young children bring a favorite toy that can put them at ease. Make sure it's one you won't mind if it makes it into the photos. Non messy snacks are key!